Highly Qualified & Professional Oil Changing Technicians On Site.

We, at SB Auto Sales & Services, make sure that your vehicle is pampered properly. Therefore, we have qualified and professional automotive service technicians for whom servicing your vehicle is not just a job but, a passion. A passion to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive and does not require any service when it steps out of our doors.

Park your car, give us the keys, enjoy freshly brewed coffee and relax in our office while your car is serviced before your hot cup of coffee gets cold.

Enjoy our Pre-spring SALE with 20% OFF on your next Oil Change. Our current prices are as follows:

Regular Oil & Filter Change : $54.99 + Taxes $43.99 + Taxes

Synthetic Oil & Filter Change : $69.99 + Taxes $56.99 + Taxes

Complimentary Windshield Washer Fluid Top up to help you get safely through those slushy weather conditions anywhere on the road.

Complimentary Air Freshener to make your vehicle a comfortable place to enjoy your drive.

Stop by our service station at 1585 ANGUS STREET. Pull up your vehicle in front of Garage BAY 2 and honk once and our service reps would be more than happy to take care of your vehicle.


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